Pampered Pets Pawtisery - Patisserie Logo Design

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What is in a name or a design, you might ask? Well actually, a lot! It's what first impressions are made of and how you and your business are identified. It's how you're recognized and how people associate you with what you do.


Lets take Pampered Pets Pawtisery as an example, their all about pampering man's best friend with delicious and healthy treats. So what they do is clearly stated in the name and is also visually communicated through the logo. The client wanted a professional look that would make a statement. The logo design needed to be suitable for printing on packaging, as well as other branding material.


Pampered Pets Pawtisery received a custom designed logo that matched up with their completed design brief. After the finalization of the logo, Bunnypants Graphic and Web Design Studio provided the logo to our client in al major file formats - including the open files.


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bunnypants logo design Pampered Pets Pawtisery