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Are you in need of some essential business branding designs for your new or established company? Bunnypants is just the team to contact for all your design and website needs. We offer you a variety of solutions and top quality designs that can’t be beat.


One of our latest projects was the brand development of Diamond Corner; an established retail business in Vereeniging specializing in electronics, appliances and furniture. Competing with some big names in the industry, they wanted their branding to have a fresh new look that can easily be pulled through to create an online presence.


In general, the look we used for the designs was clean and simple. We designed a logo, letterhead and company profile for them based on their briefing requirements. Just check out the elegant and stylish look of their brand based on very modern colour pallets to ensure they measure up to their competition and exceed the look of their previous brand identity by far.


Whether you’re looking to update your look or just get your business started with top quality designs - we are here to help you from your very first step, to where ever you need your website and designs to take your business. Drop us a message or give us a call to get started.


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Are you in need of a graphic design company, who can really understand you? Someone who takes as much pride in your brand as you do? - Then you are in the right place! Bunnypants is just the place to find all of the above and create a long lasting relationship with quick service and great assistance.


We are located in the Vaal Triangle and have clients all over the country, even overseas. One of our latest completed projects is the logo and business card design for The Labour Doctors. This HR and Labour solutions company was busy establishing their brand and needed our assistance with these designs. Using Blue, grey and black to design a strong logo that will make a statement.


The general feeling the designs needed to depict was high-end and corporate with a modern twist to it. The typography used was classy and bold and will be used on other design and marketing products in the near future. We absolutely loved working with this client and their brand holds a special place in our hearts.


We can’t wait to hear what your story is and how we can become part of your journey, so give us a call today!


bunnypants business card design the labour doctors

screen web design wedding web design dietitians on vaal


The road to success is never just one straight line, it is a combination of finely calculated moves and research as you go. In this ever growing world of lazy and fast pace people, you need to be at the fingertips of your audience to make sure you don’t miss a step.


Taking a step in the right direction is Magda Jansen Van Rensburg Dietitians, who stepped off the year with a brand new website that was finalised by the Bunnypants team at the end of 2017. Using the already established look of their logo, we created a new and current website designed by professionals in their field. The general look of their website is simple and clean-cut but also natural. It confirms that the viewers are dealing with trusted professionals, who can really help them lead a healthier life and shake off the unwanted weight.


The Bunnypants team just loved working on this inspiring website and with such a valued client. The Dietitians on Vaal website is fully mobile responsive and offers a fast viewing experience suitable for our fast pace life getting the information you need while on the go.


Just pop over and have a look at the crisp designs and smooth functionality of the website.


This is only a fraction of what we can offer you as a professional team, so don’t hesitate to let us know what we can help you with. We’ll get back to you whether you call, mail or just leave a message because we are ready to help!


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"Quality is the best business plan." - John Lasseter. This doesn't just apply to your products and services, it also applies to a broader spectrum that includes any design work you need to have done for the company's brand. In a world where people are visually orientated you need to make sure you have an experienced team of designers.


Black All contacted the Bunnypants team to help them with their logo and business card, which is the very 1st impression people have of their business. The general look of the logo is high-end, simple and clean-cut but still very elegant. The client's dream for their name and logo is to become memorable and loved in the public eye.


We took all the client's suggestions and ideas in consideration when we designed this logo and business card. The result was love at first sight and we know they are now one step closer to becoming a household name.


This is just one of the many ways Bunnypants can help set you apart from the rest. Whether you are in the Vaal Triangle, Northern Cape, Durban or even over seas in Dakar or the United Kingdom's, we will be able to help you with the best design's we have to offer.


Were only one call away - so dial that number and get in touch!


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