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Spring is here, birds are singing, love is in the air and wedding bells are ringing everywhere. We know there are a lot of couples who are busy planning their BIG DAY and looking for perfect way to interpret your personal taste and style. This all needs to start with the wedding invitations, that give your guests the first glimpse of what is to be expected on your big day.

Bunnypants is very proud to be featured in the newest edition of Troukoors, the must buy wedding magazine with all you need to know about planning your wedding. We also have a big promotion on online wedding invitations until the end of October. You will get a 10% discount on any wedding invitation website booked on or before 31 October 2017. To book your invitation website you will need to pay a 60% deposit by the 31st of October. 

Depending on the package you choose, you can have an  invite-gift registry-, song request-, RSVP-, engagement gallery page or any other web page that you think you might need. After your big day has turned into a precious memory, you can even turn your invitation website into a “forever” blog, which enables you to share the rest of your journey with the world and all your loved ones online.

A digital invitation means you don’t need to rely on the post service, wondering if any invitations got lost. It also won’t waste your time driving around to deliver your invitations to all your guests. What it will do is make the planning of your perfect wedding much easier and you will receive the RSVP’s directly.

This is still a fairly new concept in South Africa, but it is definitely the preferred option all over the world. We have helped quite a few couples with their wedding websites over the last year. They were delighted with the outcome of their beautiful online invitations and how much it helped them.

Wondering what you need to do now? Just give us a call or pop us an email - we will get back to you with more details and your personalised quote. Happy planning to all wedding couples, we look forward to being part of your wedding day!


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bunnypants wedding web design corna and justus


bunnypants wedding web design megan le roux how they met

bunnypants logo design 23 on riverside


When you’re in need of a complete rebrand, who are you going to call? Bunnypants ofcourse!


We don’t only specialize in brand new designs; We can also upgrade or redesign your current brand, or expand your existing brand to give you the competitive edge you need.


Just take a look at this stunning brand we developed for 23 On Riverside, a venue located near Pretoria. While developing their Custom Corporate Identity we captured the elements that make up their brand by using their natural surroundings. Their Corporate Identity consists of a logo, business card, signature and letterhead. Their CI files were supplied in JPEG, PDF and also the open Photoshop and Illustrator files, because we believe in giving our clients all the files they should need in the future.


If you are in need of our Graphic or Web design services, don’t feel discouraged when you see we are located in the Vaal Triangle, because we can deliver our service to clients all over the world.


So give us a call or pop us a mail, so we can get your project booked!


bunnypants business card design 23 on riverside


bunnypants letterhead design 23 on riverside

bunnypants signature design 23 on riverside



bunnypants the lamphouse business card signature design


Another day = another opportunity to create a brand that can leave our clients (and their clients) in awe! At Bunnypants, we have a passion for design and an 'undenying' need to help our clients reach their corporate branding goals! 

Today we want to brag a bit about The Lamphouse Corporate Identity (business card, letterhead and signature design) and web design. By combining their striking blue and yellow colour palette, with some trendy, yet clean cut designs - our client now has a brand that leaves a great first impression. After the CI design was complete, we 'hopped' over to the next project, which was the design and build of their website.


The web look consists of the clients corporate colours and an expansion of their newly established brand design. The website is completely custom designed with a clean look and crisp functionalityBecause it is a CMS website, the client will be able to easily update details in their website and create new blog posts by studying the training we provide.


Our team of designers are devoted to give you a custom brand that will tell your story and show your clients that you mean business!


Get in touch with us, so you can be next in line to receive a brand that sets you apart from your competition!


bunnypants the lamphouse letterhead design


screen web design the lamphouse


bunnypants the lamphouse web design home page


bunnypants the lamphouse web design contact page

bunnypants logo e sports level up

Wow, what an exciting logo created by the Bunnypants team - E-Sports, Level-up. Having a well-designed logo was very important to this client.


Seeing as the design of the gaming industry is quite loud and overwhelming, E-Sports wanted to use a different approach toward branding. By using clearly incorporate elements associated with gaming, a colour scheme that normal gamers would not use and a strong font to round it all of - E-Sports received a unique logo design that stands out in its industry and represents exactly what it is required to. At Bunnypants Graphic and Web Design Studio, we will go 'above and beyond' to ensure that our clients are happy with their newly established designs!


It’s time for you to choose a graphic design company who has your best interest at heart and who just won’t stop until your 'over the moon'!


It’s time for you to contact the Bunnypants team to handle your design needs with ease!


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bunnypants logo design Pampered Pets Pawtisery white


What is in a name or a design, you might ask? Well actually, a lot! It's what first impressions are made of and how you and your business are identified. It's how you're recognized and how people associate you with what you do.


Lets take Pampered Pets Pawtisery as an example, their all about pampering man's best friend with delicious and healthy treats. So what they do is clearly stated in the name and is also visually communicated through the logo. The client wanted a professional look that would make a statement. The logo design needed to be suitable for printing on packaging, as well as other branding material.


Pampered Pets Pawtisery received a custom designed logo that matched up with their completed design brief. After the finalization of the logo, Bunnypants Graphic and Web Design Studio provided the logo to our client in al major file formats - including the open files.


We have so many graphic and web design services to offer and we make a point to cater to the needs of our clients - Just take a look at our pricing page.

How can you get the ball rolling? - Come and stop by the office, so we can help you with your branding and begin our design journey together!


bunnypants logo design Pampered Pets Pawtisery

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