bunnypants brand guideline


A brand guideline is a set of rules and guides of what to do and what not to do when it comes to a brand. Usually this consists of colour palettes, the fonts used and a list of rules, accompanied with examples of what is meant by these rules and restrictions. It can become quite elaborate or very simple, depending on how serious the overall image of a brand is taken.

Have you ever noticed that Nike, for instance, never uses their icon in reverse? This is just a simple way of showing how a design has to be restricted to represent the brand correctly.

These restrictions can range from the colours used in the logo itself or accompanying designs, the font used and even the font size, dimensions and colour. It can include restrictions regarding spacing of designs or even what parts of the branding is allowed to be used together.

This guideline will usually be given to your graphic design company to make sure they stay true to your brand image. This document can also be used internally to ensure that the company employees use the branding correctly when drafting documents, creating internal notices, etc.

This document can be printed as a hard copy or sent as an electronic file, which is usually the version that is used today. When you select a design company, it is very important for you to mention that you have a brand guideline which they will need to adhere to. It is very good to provide this beforehand and confirm if they can keep to the restrictions set out. If so you can also enter into an agreement to confirm receipt of set restrictions and create a clear understanding of the expectations going forward.

If your branding is important to you, take the time to choose a design team who will also take it seriously.

bunnypants corporate identity


In technical terms your designer might refer to the basic elements your new business requires as a CI or Corporate Identity. This is basically a collective term to describe the elements your business uses the most on a day to day basis. In general these will include all of the following elements or at least 3 of them: a logo, letterhead, business card and emails signature.

These are usually the first designs a business needs to start trading with a professional look. These are also the elements that determine how a brand is represented and how the design elements are allowed to be used. From here it is fairly easy to pull a look and feel through to other design elements that will match the corporate identity.

In previous blogs, we have referred to the importance of a professional logo and also the importance of a business card. The rest of the CI is just as important as these two elements and together they create a strong professional presence for a company.

Take the letterhead as an example, it is usually used in official documentation, important letters and is even required if you want to apply for credit or a loan. The email signature is an element that recently became more necessary due to the ever growing virtual communication we use. As many companies prefer to communicate via email, it is very important to be immediately recognized in your communication.

This is also the perfect way to make a statement, communicate important information like a new address or to just confirm contact details for the company. With all these elements in place your business will be taken much more serious and will determine what the public think of you. Again this can be a good or a bad thing, depending on how it’s executed.

That is why it’s so important to have these designs done professionally and with great care.

business card branding


In any business you will have transactions and you will build up relationships that will help you move forward. These initial impressions are often made by a shake of a hand and exchange of details. For decades this has been done with a business card containing all the details needed to create a good impression and to help potential clients find you. Inmodern times one might think that this is no longer a successful practice. - The truth is, a digital business card is a great way to make contact or confirm a new business relationship.


A business card is a great way of advertising and brand representation and if done professionally, will create a strong lasting impression.


Here are some tips for a successful business card:

  • Your business card needs to make a statement without having too much on it.
  • If it has too much on it, it will only be confusing and might cause the viewer to just discard it.
  • To help create confidence in your company or brand, your business card needs to be a visual representation of your brand image. This will show that you are professionaltake pride in your brand and that you are consistent in what you believe in.
  • A high quality design will show that you care about the image of your company.
  • Short detailed descriptions and 'straight to the point' details make it easier to read. It has a better chance of being read and to extract a reaction from its viewers.


Whether you're going to print your business card or send it out electronically, this is an investment you will be happy you made.

professional custom logo design


Your brand and image is more than just a first step to making money, it starts with a professionally designed logo that portrays your organization in a variety of media. Logos will give a brand name  recognition and adds visual appeal to any document, design or web page it is used on. Because your logo is a unique graphic image, that represents what you stand for or how you will be recognised - it is not something that should be implemented impulsively. Your visitors' eyes will naturally be drawn to it both on the web and on your printed materials. Your professionally designed custom logo will be your first tool in giving your company an identity.


Having a unique identity is crucial, because as a direct result of this identity, you will become well-known and you will garner plenty of free advertising. With a good and effective identity, you can expect to receive the best advertising: Word of mouth


A strong logo can consist of your name in words to put focus on who you are or it can be combined with an icon. An icon can later be used separately as a symbol of your brand like Puma, Nike, Apple etc. It is important to take your companies identity, the industry you trade in and the message you want to convey in consideration.


Our advice would be to get a design team who can work with you intimately to discover that "look and feel" by taking your concepts to an end product that you can be proud of. They need to be able to take various factors into consideration when designing your logo to ensure that it fits your needs now and also in the future. It is very important to know what the design company offers you for the money you pay;


Do they give you revision rounds to make changes or will this cost you extra?
Will they supply you with your files in High Resolution?
Are the files they provide you with suitable for printing?
In what file formats will they provide your logo and will this include the open files?
Will they provide you with the font they used to design the logo?


These are only some of the most important questions you need to ask, as this is what might make things easier or more difficult in the future when you need to use your logo in other designs.


For more advice and guidance, feel free to contact the Bunnypants team.